All show what is technically possible today with glass: it is the intent of the hyper-sophisticated demo home just ask us. Glass Ceyssens constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible with glass as a building material and throws as an innovative player for many years excellent chance on the international market. “Ramen literally shapes our window on the world, they bring outside environment inside a building and ensure that breathes light and space,” says Dirk Ceyssens. “Highly glazed facades increase the feeling of space, and in recent years the profiles were getting smaller. With our KELLER minimal windows®® could provide our customers already – almost framelessly – integrating fixed and sliding glass windows to 4 meters in their homes, but the new, innovative applications in our demo house further still reach a few more steps.

“Call this comfortable house of the future,” says Koen Verberckmoes, technical advisor at Schlüter Systems, which was responsible for the floor construction. “Take the pool: you press a button, the bottom comes up, and you get a large tiled terrace. Or the dining room: in fine weather you can open the sliding glass windows, but who some conservative finds the glass batch may also integral let “disappear” … he can on the entire length of eighteen meters hydraulically into the basement space bags: a disappearing window . And so the whole house is filled with the latest gadgets. “